Thursday, 9 April 2009



The eyes are prominent as would be expected
in an animal as wary was the rabbit. Note the position
of the eyes on the head and how this compares
with the position of yours. The movable upper and lower eyelids
are provided with eyelashes. You will also see the edge of a third,
the nictitating membrane, which is whitish and fairly thick.
Draw it across the eye with the forceps.

The white of the eye is not visible until the upper lid is raised
or the lower lid drawn down. The size of the iris
and the pupil will depend upon the extent to which the iris
is contracted. The pupil is a window through the iris.
You will be able to note the presence of glands
that are pink due to the presence of blood vessels.
Take the upper eyelid in the forceps and roll it outwards.

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